For the tastiest Japanese dim sum, come to OTEMBA in Amsterdam. OTEMBA is a fast- fine- fancy Japanese restaurant, where you go for a unique Japanese experience with a Western twist. In fact, in our restaurant we have brought together Japanese cuisine with the Amsterdam atmosphere. In addition to Japanese dim sum, our menu also features traditional Japanese ramen and bites to share. Take a seat on our terrace overlooking the Amsterdam canals or enjoy dim sum and ramen inside and imagine yourself on the hip streets of Tokyo. Wherever you take a seat, with our dim sum you will experience the true Japan in Amsterdam.

We also call them gyoza

The tastiest dim sum in Amsterdam, can be found at OTEMBA! A combination of gyoza and various Japanese bites. We complete our dishes with our own and unique twist, such as the crispy fried gyoza langoustine with lightly melted Old Amsterdam cheese. At any time of the day, a must- try! Complete your OTEMBA experience with our own Japanese soft serve, green tea lime soft serve ice cream with a black vanilla cone. Eat in or take out!

Gyoza's with bites to share in Amsterdam

At OTEMBA, we have the most delicious Japanese dim sum and bites, perfect for an evening of shared dining with friends in Amsterdam. Complete it with our OTEMBA highballs, G-Ts or Japanese sake. With an enthusiastic team, we do things differently. With us, you get the service you would expect within Japanese spheres. Our restaurant exudes security, individuality and coziness. Come taste the tastiest dim sum in Amsterdam with us.

The best dim sum in Amsterdam

With us you will find the best dim sum in Amsterdam. The combination of gyoza and Japanese bites alongside a delicious bowl of ramen will appeal to you. And that along with traditional Japanese cuisine with a Western twist. OTEMBA stands for indomitable, wild and challenging, but also represents an indomitable Japanese lady who is her own and unique. Stop by and discover a unique Japan in Amsterdam with our dim sum. Want to know more about OTEMBA? Then you can always contact us at 020-2339386. Reservations are required only from five people. Be welcome anytime.