We are Otemba

Pssst, do you have a minute?

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a Japanese girl who decided to go off the beaten track.

A Japanese girl, as charming and sweet as she seemed, felt she almost succumbed to the pressure.

A fervent desire grew day by day, the desire to do exactly what is not allowed.

Still, she stayed positive, she still seemed so charming and sweet.

There was no arguing about the desire she felt, as it turned out when she changed without the knowledge of others. A rebellious and defiant Japanese girl was born, she no longer felt lost. She made a promise to remain her true self forever, even if they were said to exaggerate.

Two brothers and their sister got wind of this story and ran off with it. Their goal was to tell everyone about the rebellious Japanese girl, who could have ever predicted that?

Her name was Otemba and what rhymes with that?

Still I would like to show you around, have you spotted him yet, her cat is certainly not average.

The enthusiasm of the two brothers and their sister was aroused and they thought of what to cover the walls with.

They managed to portray the story on the walls, something with which they shared it in a powerful way.

A problem arose, the brothers and their sister were immediately aware of it.

A girl-based restaurant, such a rebellious and provocative chick, could serve a little less traditional ramen, don’t you think?

Take a good look around you, have you noticed?

Upstairs you will find her house, here she is vulnerable, carefree but above all herself, that is paramount.

At the bar you will find yourself in Otemba Street, the reflection of Harajuku, a place that stands for scent, color and individuality. Take it easy and enjoy the result.

Otemba Club has been created downstairs, the place where our girl adores her rebellious side.

Her performances as a DJ and moments filled with happiness will remain unseen for anyone who did not expect this from her, so her true self remains only a secret of the night…

For now, I would like to ask you to absorb our colours, cherish our scents and discover our flavors. We have made an attempt to successfully establish Otemba, we hope that we have aroused your interest.

In Otemba’s life there is only room for happiness and fun, there is rarely anyone moody. I can assure you, this way, she will live happily ever after.