OTEMBA. From Japan to Amsterdam! 

A unique Japanese restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam. OTEMBA means untamable, wild and challenging. Classic and traditional Japanese ramen, bites & gyoza’s with our own and unique twist.

Reservations can be made from five or more guests and via our website. would you like to come with a group of 13 or more? send us an email!

Walk in only, come and visit us.


Two brothers and their sister who decide to take matters into their own hands. Delicious, classic ramen, but with a modern, western look.

Reserve your table now. we can’t wait!


The unique combination between Japan & Amsterdam

Traditional ramen & bites with an unforgettable OTEMBA hospitality experience


At OTEMBA we mix & match the best of both worlds. Experience the Dutch restaurant service, feel the Tokyo vibes and find yourself in a place that is called a piece of art. Enjoy our colours and flavours, step a day in the life of OTEMBA and meet our OTEMBA family!

We work without reservations, you are all welcome! Come by, are you with more than five people? Then we can reserve a table. Just come and meet us, meet OTEMBA!

oh tem ba

(de; v; plural: Otembas)

The rebellious Japanese woman; coming from THE English word ‘indomitable’.

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